Competitive Team

About the JFD Swim Team

The heart of JFD is our swim team, which competes from September through July. Our coaches work with swimmers to improve their times in competitive swimming and prepare them for competition.

Older Swimmers

Older swimmers, typically from 9-18 years of age – are encouraged to participate in at least one monthly meet from September through April. These range from “B” meets for team members with higher qualifying times, to meets that challenge our fastest swimmers. Young team members typically attend a variety of “mini meets,” which are specially designed for the 8-and-under age group.


JFD emphasizes teamwork and friendship along with competition. Throughout the year, we schedule a variety of fun activities that encourage team members to get to know each other better. We pride ourselves on the fact that there are no rivalries here – just friendly competition and a shared desire for excellence.

Potomac Valley Swim (PVS)

JFD is one of 40 teams affiliated with Potomac Valley Swim (PVS), the local swimming committee governed by USA Swimming, which serves as the national governing board for competitive swimming in the United States.