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Recap of JFD efforts and contribution to the Lord's Table

We had two cars with swimmers Brandon, Lindsey and Michael loaded with purchases from Sam's Club.

We drove to the Lord's Table and I can tell you that for Kathleen, the donation was like Christmas to her. She literally had no coffee to serve that evening along with a couple other missing ingredients for Monday's meal. She was so very grateful. The swimmers truly did all the labor here. Shuttling from the car, to the back, along with stocking and rearranging the pantry. They were climbing ladders and stocking the canned goods overhead - -so we counted that as some good dryland work! On the way out, men and women were in line waiting for the meal to start. Some stopped the swimmers to ask questions and they chatted for a bit - that made an impact to these kids.

I had put a call into Mary but she is traveling for the Easter season so she could not be there.

I know there are still some grocery items from donations in your garage. I will pick those up this week and get them over to either the pantry or the Lord's Table's stores as appropriate.

Thank You, JFD - for sponsoring this need. Kathleen was so very, very grateful. She said she'll take help from JFD swimmers any time!

I gave them lists, had them 'price shop' for the best value and track $ to budget. They genuinely enjoyed taking charge of the effort once in the warehouse. They loaded three mobile pallets full. They even used an app on their phone to scan and checkout - no waiting in cash register lines!

I'm hoping for the Christmas season, we can involve more swimmers in a large shopping effort.

Thanks again,
Gina Heath

JFD Swim Team Gives BackJFD Swim Team Gives Back