Team Updates

Team Updates

Latest Team Updates - 12/21/2020

Dear JFD Families,


As this tumultuous year finally comes to a close, we are taking a moment to reflect on our experiences and count our blessings. Unquestionably, this was a difficult year for our country and our communities. From the postponement of the MCSL, to the spring closing of our indoor pools, we are still surviving, but we know we are not yet out of the woods. Our hearts are torn by the severe financial and emotional toll the lockdowns are causing…in some cases taking a devastating toll on a few beloved JFD families.

Through these challenging months, we have found hope within the JFD community. From many alumni who have often checked in on me, To our current families who have shown much faith in JFD the past 9 months, there has been much to be thankful for, and much to look forward to.

There is no doubt that one of the most significant blessings of this year has been the financial trust and investment our JFD families have made by taking credits last spring instead of refunds. You can hardly turn on the news without hearing about how hard many businesses have been hit by the lockdowns. JFD is surviving, and the gratitude of our JFD staff who are paying mortgages and putting food on the table is strong.

JFD thanks all the swimmers and parents who joined us coaches in taking the steps so that we became a “SAFE SPORT”  club.

Stay safe & Happy Holidays!

JFD Coaches


A potentially big blow was no swim meets for what may be a year. What has become obvious is that more important than meets is the daily exercise and camaraderie of being in the program. The meets will return, but until then we have a great place to maintain our emotional and physical well- being.

A couple years back, we had a 50 year re-union for Flower Valley, the team where I swam for 6 years and coached for 25. We thought we had quite a competitive history with 23 years in A Division, and 6 MCSL A Division Championships, (The New England Patriots looked up to us).


You know my perspective on winning / loosing: not the most important thing…

But even I was stunned at the reunion.

Virtually no one mentioned meets nor races.

Whenever I run into  or get a visits / call from alumni of Good Counsel who were part of 4 consecutive Metros 1ST place team championships,

Virtually no one talks about wining meets nor races..

A couple years back I gathered with many alumni from Manchester Farm, who went from “O” to “B” Division in 6 years.

Virtually no one mentioned meets nor races.

I recently got together with a few of the JFD seniors – 2 had been multiple finalists over a string of years at PVS Champs,

Virtually no one mentioned meets nor races..


It was all about memories and team bonding from

Practices; social events; charity traditions; the challenges & character built at workouts; the words of wisdom shared; the speeches;

and the JFD experience.

Of course meets are important, but they may not be as important as I thought they were.

Therefore let us make the most out of practices for the sake of mental and physical health…and future meets of course.


Please visit our team store to get some JFD & swimming related holiday gifts!

Most recommended by our coaching staff:

1       a mesh bag to transport equipment

2       flippers

3       kick boards



While we are thanking God for President’s Trump’s Operation Warp Speed -  the public and private partnership that has brought us two vaccines in record smashing time, we still need to be diligent.


This is a key factor, so nobody other than swimmers, coaches, and guards allowed thru the revolving door. If you do need to speak with a coach, contact the office.

We have be able to have a coach come out side to briefly speak with you directly.


-Try to avoid a LONG backup in the parking lot at drop off/pick up times which extends into the street. 

-Pull forward to the end of the parking lot to the stop sign at Roundabout Drive, please do not start the line at the bottom of the steps/ramp
-When others have left the drop off/pick up line to pull forward to allow space for others to pull in
-Try not to line up too early for drop offs/pick ups
-Consider parking in the main or overflow parking lots


There are several charities that JFD has been blessed enough to support, Some for over 30 years, and some very recently.

JFD as a corporation will not be able to contribute this year, but the needs still go on for these incredible institutions that some of you have helped us support in recent years. While it is extra fun to donate just before Christmas, the needs are on-going. So we are offering our JFD families a chance to contribute.

Because so many organizations are in need and asking for your help, feel no pressure to detract from places your family has traditionally helped in years past.

If you are interested and able, here are the places where JFD has helped for many years. The work is hard, the progress is slow, but lives are being changed. Please look them up, chat with the person listed, or ask Coach Flaherty for further information, 

1       The Lord’s Table                                      Many of us for over 30 years

2       Rancho 3M                                               Hundreds of JFD swimmers / parents have gone to serve in this Orphanage in Mexico

3       Water for Uganda                                     Your efforts have supported 7 JFD alumni on various trips to Uganda

4       Mission of Mercy                                       Ask Shannon English about their help for those who slip thru the insurance cracks

5       CLC School                                               Hundreds of JFD have been impacted by this school

6       Rockville Pregnancy Center                      Support for struggling mothers & their babies

7       Prison ministry                                           Paul Baker

8       Fellowship of Christian Athletes

9       Focus on the Family                                  Radio shows, published material on dealing with children that shaped the JFD philosophy

10     CROSSROADS FREDOM CENTER        Paul Baker - Fundraiser

11     Celestial Mana                                           Paul Baker

And the latest ministry we are praying for.

12     Justice Ventures International.  

This is from Yoonie Min, who has 3 children swimming on JFD:

They work in Nepal, China, but mainly India to find and rescue those in trafficked situations. Then, they collaborate with the local authorities to provide legal assistance to the survivors to return them to dignity and pursue justice on their behalf.  They also work to prosecute the traffickers in the court system and train the community, informing them of what trafficking is and looks like.  

They are a small organization that has done a huge service in the work of social justice.  I had the privilege of joining them for a trip to India in 2018 to meet some of the amazing individuals on the front lines of this work as well as be an encouragement (and be encouraged myself) to some of the survivors of generational bondage (whole families in enslavement) as well as women rescued from the red light district.  Many of the JVI team I met, speak in the youtube video here: . It is brief and informative.  They are definitely heroes in my eyes. 

Here is JVI's website: as well as a forwarded email below I actually received today about an amazing opportunity to learn more and be a blessing.  

Thanks for your interest! 


Yoonie Min



What would really help, while we have some unused space, is that you invite your friends to visit our website and sign up for the remaining summer practices. We would love to use these openings for as long as we have them.

For the mental and physical well being of all the swimmers, we will try to get in the maximum minutes in the pool for the maximum swimmers.


None of these are directly about swimming or JFD, but they all are very interesting and inspiring.

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