Potential  thunderstorms this afternoon (5/3).

This is a reminder that due to covid restrictions, there is no place inside QO to shelter when a thunderstorm hits. 

Please plan to remain close to the facility today in case of any inclement weather.

EXTRA WEEKS AT QO! 5/10 - 5/25

JFD is able to extend practice/clinics/lessons at the QO Bubble from Monday 5/10 - Tuesday 5/25!
Your original registration only included practices up until Sunday 5/9.
There will be additional practice fees to participate in these extra weeks.
Team/Clinic/Lessons are $26 per practice.
Days of Extra Practice:
Monday: 3 days
Tuesday: 3 days
Wednesday: 2 days
Thursday: 2 days
Friday: 2 days
Saturday: 2 days
Sunday: 2 days
Completing this form indicates that you would like your swimmer to continue to attend the same schedule for this additional time period. You will be sent an invoice when you sign up. If you have remaining make ups, we can reduce your total for these extra weeks by the amount of make ups you have remaining.
For example, if your swimmer swims 2x/week, Monday & Friday, you would be charged for 5 additional practices. 3 practices for Monday & 2 practices for Friday during the 5/10 - 5/25 window. If you also had 2 make ups remaining, we would deduct those make ups from the 5 additional practices, so you would only be charged for 3 additional practices.
Please email JFDschedules@gmail.com with any questions.

2021-22 Pre-Registration! 



This is the PVS policy that we all agreed to several months ago, and is worthy of review as we approach the holidays. 

All families that travel on vacation or outside their "bubble of limited exposure" must detail those plans in writing to their coach prior to the trip.

a. If the travel is to a state, that is considered a hotspot by the state or local health department, the athlete must:

i. Quarantine for 14 days

ii. Get tested for COVID-19, 5 days after their return home and provide negative test results to their coach

b. If traveling to a location not listed as a "hot spot" the coaches will decided based on the travel itinerary:

i. If a quarantine before practice attendance can resume

ii. If a test will be required to return to practice


Based on travel itinerary and plans we will have to consider whether travel exposure must result in quarantine before practice attendance can resume. Flights, beaches and crowds have large exposure risks, so please make sure to wear a mask and practice responsible social distancing in order to help us keep our athletes and coaches free from being exposed. The purpose of this request is to protect our athletes, parents, grandparents, and coaches from the potential spread of the virus. The more diligent and cautious we are, the less likely we are of spreading the virus. This policy will help prevent us from having to shut down practices for a mandatory 14 day quarantine period, which is in adherence of CDC guidelines.


Welcome to Joe Flaherty's Dolphins

Joe Flaherty has been training swimmers in Montgomery County, Maryland for more than four decades. His swimming organization, Joe Flaherty's Dolphins, offers lessons and training for swimmers from 3 to 60 years of age..

The Dolphin Difference

 Lowest Coach-to-Swimmer Ratio

The lowest coach-to-swimmer ratio that we’re aware of in Montgomery County.

 Swimmers of All Ages

The ability for siblings of different ages and skill levels to learn or train at the same time.

 Experienced Coaches

Coaching tailored to all personality types, from scared and shy to overconfident.

 Flexible Scheduling

A flexible schedule is very important to keep swimmers in the pool where they belong.

 Swimming Analysis

On-site videotaping for stroke technique analysis.

 Special Needs Friendly

Swimmers with special needs are warmly welcomed.

Kids Meet Before Swim

JFD Programs


swim team

The heart of JFD is our swim team, which competes from September through July. Our coaches work with swimmers to improve their times in competitive swimming and prepare them for competition.


swim Lessons

The JFD swim lesson program offers instruction to non-swimmers of all ages. We utilize the SwimAmerica Learn to Swim program, designed by the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) to motivate and reward each swimmer as their skills improve.


Stroke Clinics

JFD stroke clinics are for athletes who want to focus on refining their swimming technique. Many of our participants are preparing for summer league swimming, are working on specific aspects of their strokes for time reduction, or who are interested in swimming for fitness.


Coaches Training

JFD runs a comprehensive program that trains coaches of all ages how to use the SwimAmerica Learn to Swim methodology. JFD also employs many of these coaches to provide lesson and stroke clinic instruction.

Parents Choose JFD For

Safety. Character. Leadership.


JFDolphins can boost your confidence and performance!

Swimmers Choose JFD For


JFD Facts

JFD again outscored every team our size in every short course PVS Championship Meet

Our head coach was inducted into the MCSL Hall of Fame Prestigious Awards Received by JFD

The Councilman Creative Coaching Award presented at the World's Coaches Convention

The Small Business Award presented by the Montgomery County Workforce development Board in honor of our Coaches Training Programs