Competitive Team

Advice On Entering Meets

If you have not done so yet, schedule a goal conference with your coach. Coach Flaherty will be available before 3 or after 8 Mon thru Fri, and after 11 AM on some Saturdays and after 6 or maybe 7 pm on certain Sundays for some guidance. Please call to schedule with Coach Flaherty, Boris, Shannon, Shannon, or whoever coaches you the most.

Swim Team
Rotate your events
  • Become a well rounded swimmer…Variety keeps things interesting!
  • Makes every aspect of practice more purposeful!
Remind your friends to enter
  • Human nature seems to indicate we all need reminders from our friends.
Go for the hardest events you can handle
  • This makes you work tough practices even harder. We are here to build character.
  • The mental and physical toughness gained from training and competing for hard events will make you better for your favorite events
  • You will score higher in meets (and in life) if you are willing to do the hard things that others are unwilling to do.
Choose days / events that will not over pack your schedule
  • As long as you let the JFD office know so that we can notify the meet coaches, you may enter early events and go home when you are done.
  • You may enter late events and arrive later, some meets offer a continuous warm ups throughout the competition
  • Clearly ask a teammate & a coach to do your positive check-in if you plan to arrive late.
  • PVS offers a meet almost every weekend, but most swimmers should attend about 8 meets in a season.
  • JFD will not attempt to set your families priorities. Each family should schedule a goal conference and bring the family calendar. Adjustments are expected as the year unfolds.
  • Meets are like report cards. Too many can lead to stress and frustration. Too few may lead to apathy. Competing approximately every 4-8 weeks will allow for satisfying progress. There are often 11 meets in the 8 weekends before Christmas. Choose carefully!
  • Due to the tremendous turnout for Friday practices, JFD does not generally attend Friday meets, However, we will attend Friday sessions of the TDI, Senior, JO Championships, and maybe others.

Be aware of entry deadlines for upcoming meets so that you can qualify in time!

Mr. Joe Flaherty
Always check your entries on the bulletin board for accuracy
  • Put a check by your name so that we know that you carefully confirmed your entry.
  • There are estimated 30,000 competitive swimmers in the DC area, and deadlines must be respected. However, occasionally an entry mistake can be resolved.
  • In all meets, the earlier a change is requested, the more likely it will be granted.