Swim Team

Swim Team Policies

2016-2017 Policies

At JFD, we encourage make-ups. Since JFD still incurs the expenses for a practice (even when a swimmer misses), there are no refunds for classes missed. Make-ups can only be scheduled during bonus practices.

  2016-2017 Bonus Practice Schedule

Make-ups can only be scheduled during bonus practices.

Please email us with the following information (preferably in this order). This will enable office staff to reschedule your session as efficiently as possible:

  • Date of requested make-up
  • Time of requested make-up
  • Level
  • Category (lessons, stroke clinic, team)
  • Name (first and last)
  • Age
  • Phone/email contact information
  • Any notes
Send Message  

Once we receive your request, the appropriate Site Supervisor will place your child according to his or her level. Please note that if you do not include this information, we will have to contact you for clarification, and your request will be delayed. Finally, please do not forget to include both first and last name of your child, or assume we will know the name by simply looking at your email address.