Swim Lessons

Lesson Policies

2016-2017 Policies

Since JFD still incurs the expenses for a practice (even when a swimmer misses), there are no refunds for classes missed and they are non-transferable. We will allow make-ups (for team, stealth team and clinic) during bonus practices only. Bonus practices are scheduled on MCPS days off including winter and spring break.

When scheduling a bonus practice make-up, please do so at least 48 business hours in advance. Please be aware that our office staff is only in the office Monday-Friday 9-3 and all make ups need to be received during that time. Although we try to be flexible, it is extremely difficult to schedule a bonus practice make-up with less than 48 hours’ notice. You must miss the class first, then request a make-up – please do not request a make-up before you miss a class. All bonus practice make ups provided are based on a first come first serve basis. We cannot reschedule scheduled make ups, and cannot rescheduled missed make ups.

Should you decide to leave the program, all make ups will be forfeited. Likewise, if you drop a day, you cannot continue to swim on that day for make ups.

Please email jfdschedules@gmail.com with the following information (preferably in this order). Make up requests are only accepted via email and are taken in the order they are received. Including the following information in your email will enable office staff to reschedule your session as efficiently as possible:

  • Date and time of requested make-up
  • Date and time of missed class
  • Level
  • Category (lessons, stroke clinic, team)
  • Name (first and last)
  • Age
  • Phone/email contact information
  • Usual coach

Once we receive your request through jfdschedules@gmail.com , you will receive a confirmation from the JFD office. Please note that if you do not include this information, we will have to contact you for clarification, and your request will be delayed.