Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

The JFD swim lesson program offers instruction to non-swimmers of all ages. We utilize the SwimAmerica Learn to Swim program, designed by the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA). The goal of the program is to motivate and reward each swimmer by promoting them from one “learning station” to the next as their skills improve.

Tracking Swimmers Progress

During each lesson, we track swimmer progress using a star system that is endorsed by the ASCA. Each star, which represents one of the learning stations in the Learn to Swim program, contains five parts. Each part of a star represents a skill that must be mastered before the swimmer can move on.

Week to week, JFD swimmers are able to track their progress through the number of stars they have earned, which provides them with positive visual reinforcement and a sense of accomplishment. At the end of a session, JFD presents each swimmer with a certificate showing the total number of stars earned.

Coach-to-Student Ratio

Our coach-to-student ratio is small – typically five swimmers or less per coach, and even smaller for younger swimmers. We also offer maximum flexibility by grouping our lessons into three different sessions of 10 weeks in duration.