Stroke Clinics & Adult Swimming

Stroke Clinics

JFD stroke clinics are for athletes who want to focus on refining their swimming technique. Many of our participants are preparing for summer league swimming, are working on specific aspects of their strokes for time reduction, or who are interested in swimming for fitness.

Tracking Swimmers Progress

We track the progress of clinic participants using a star system that is endorsed by the American Swim Coaches Association. These stars represent skills that must be mastered before the swimmer can move on. Week to week, JFD swimmers are able to track their progress through the number of stars they earn, which provides them with powerful reinforcement of competence and skill.

Basic Stroke Clinics

The pre-requisite to Basic Clinic is the ability to swim all four of the competitive strokes. Practices include an emphasis on learning the most efficient ways to swim each stroke, as well as starts and turns.

Stealth Team Clinic

Advanced Stroke Clinics are ideal for swimmers who are preparing to join the JFD swim team, or who are working on changing or mastering specific aspects of their strokes. Swimmers should have a fair amount of swimming experience for these 90-minute sessions, which focus on further refinement of stroke technique, turns and starts.