Swim Team


The JFD Fraternity developed one of the top teams in the Potomac Valley Swim League

In the 1990s, Head Coach Flaherty was highly dedicated to a smaller group of elite swimmers, and used the JFD Fraternity to develop one of the top teams in the Potomac Valley Swim League. Although smaller than we are now, JFD accomplished much, leading us to fifth place at Junior Olympics, and just 10 points out of third place at Junior Championships.


The progress of our top swimmers has led the coaching staff to make a renewed commitment to our advanced swimmers by more fully implementing the success principles of the past.


Head Coach Flaherty will lead the big picture, thanks to the addition of several top-level coaches. In addition, JFD will re-implement the backbone of our achievements: the JFD Leadership Fraternity. This program was honored at the World’s Coaches Convention for its power to raise a swimmer’s level of commitment by establishing measurable goals and tangible rewards, and to develop team leaders based on mutual support and dedication.


What sets Fraternity swimmers apart is dedication to both long- and short-goal setting and progress monitoring. JFD coaches will individualize the master practice plans with drills specific to each swimmer’s unique talents, race pace practice sets, review video, and work with swimmers on meet entry planning and evaluation of progress in key practice test sets.


An important goal of this program is to enroll advanced swimmers in our ideal practice times, which are right after school. Fraternity team swimmers benefit from having more lanes for training, and more career coaches are on deck.

(Please note that this is not a requirement, but a recommendation. You can be an advanced swimmer and accept the challenge of joining the JFD Leadership Fraternity regardless of when and where you train.)

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